The importance of using the Right Lacrosse Equipment by Nikki Josephs

Lacrosse Equipment

The sport of Lacrosse is an exciting game that is more popular in Europe than in the United States. It is important to be aware that this fun game can cause serious injuries and prove to be quite dangerous at times. However, you can reduce the risk of injury by wearing the proper equipment, and enjoy the game thoroughly.

The helmet is perhaps the most crucial piece of safety equipment for a Lacrosse player. The lacrosse ball, which has a nearly eight inch circumference, propelled by the Lacrosse stick can cause serious head injuries. The helmet, which is held firmly in place by a simple chin strap, can be very useful protection for the head.

The other essential piece of Lacrosse equipment is the face mask, which helps reduce the risk of face injuries. There is a center bar in every Lacrosse mask which runs from the top all the way to the bottom. This specially designed face mask is all that prevents the huge Lacrosse ball from seriously damaging a player's face.

As playing Lacrosse involves using a stick to strike a ball, it is necessary for players wear thick padded gloves to protect the hands from unnecessary abuse and injury. If your hands are still sore and bruised after playing, then you need to get a pair of gloves with thicker padding.

The clothing worn by Lacrosse players varies somewhat according to the position played. In general, players wear shorts and a short-sleeved shirt during play. Elbow pads are optional but are considered to be a good idea as it is not uncommon to be struck by an opposing player's stick during play. The goalie will wear padded pants and generally uses chest and thigh pads for protection against the ball and flying sticks.

The Lacrosse ball is roughly the size of a softball. Commonly white balls are used but one can also spot lime green, orange, or yellow balls during play. Most of the padding and safety equipment used during play is to protect the players from the injuries that contact with this large ball can cause.

The large stick used in Lacrosse to hit the ball is known as the "Crosse" or just simply "the stick", as most players prefer to call it. The sticks range from 40-42 inches for the shorter variety up to 52-72 inches long for the longer sticks. Players can choose sticks according to their personal preference as will as the position being played. Gloves and elbow pads help to minimize the risk of getting injured by another player's stick during play.

Like any sport involving contact and fast moving balls struck by rather large sticks, injuries are common. To make sure that you don't spend your time on the sidelines nursing injuries instead of playing the game you love, be certain to buy and use the recommended safety equipment.

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