Top Tips for Playing Lacrosse by Tate Palumb

Tips For Playing Lacrosse

North American Indians were the first people to play Lacrosse, as early as the 1400s. The game originally used a ball and wooden stick. It began as play, but in time the Indians realized that it was a great vehicle for training warriors in the fighting arts.

Nowadays Lacrosse players use a titanium stick and rubber ball. In the early years the sticks were wooden. Back then as many as 1,000 would join in a single game that often lasted for three days. Matches would start as soon as the sun came up and go on until it was dark. Trees and rocks became the goals and they were between 500 yards and a half mile apart.

By the 17th century, the Jesuit missionaries from France learned about the game and soon the word spread. Today, Lacrosse remains popular, being considered a national sport played by people in the United States and Canada, as well as England, Ireland, Australia, and Scotland among other countries. To win in the game of Lacrosse, it takes endurance and strategy. As you will see below, inside tips can also give you an advantage to win this game.

You must become extremely familiar with your Lacrosse stick, even taking it with you running or walking. The more you hold it, the more it will feel like part of you. It's important to become ambidextrous with it. If you're left-handed, practice a lot with your right and vice versa. Practice with the cradle as well by varying the speed and switching direction.

Some Lacrosse pros recommend doing a lot of sprints, as strong legs are a must, as is durability. Running and sprints provide the right kind of physical conditioning. Some of the experts also advise using a wooden stick rather than one made from titanium. Wood is more porous and therefore absorbs any impact more efficiently. Also, since titanium is metal, it will become cold to the hands and the plastic heads don't hold up well.

Each of the teams have offensive or attack players, and defensive players who act as guards. The offensive units must be careful of accidentally helping the opposing defense, as their job is to make goals. As you get nearer the goal, keep your passes as short and accurate as possible, all the while making them near the outside and away from your opponents defense. When you're in possession of the ball, pass it hard and NEVER just stand there. When you play Lacrosse you have to keep moving even if you just run backward and forward down the field.

When you have possession of the ball in Lacrosse, you need to fake passes and keep your defenseman's stick moving all the time. Additionally, make the defenseman play your stick while watching his stick. Finally, make sure you never make a pass to a man that is covered as a means of getting rid of the ball. With Lacrosse, you will have so much fun while enjoying a good, challenging game that requires physical and mental alertness at all times.

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